Living Trusts USA has its roots from the early eighties when its founder worked with thousands of families regarding their estate plans and financial desires. Because of this exposure, he gained a deep understanding of the needs of people during the course of their lives.


Generally, these needs encompassed dealing with medical problems, retaining one’s life savings, wills and financial planning, tax issues, estate enhancement and wealth transfer to beneficiaries. In today’s world, all these challenges should be addressed and coordinated effectively in order to avoid costly mistakes.


Living Trusts USA was created to provide information regarding financial security for the family unit. Through the education provided by Living Trusts USA, you will learn how to access a variety of discounted benefits and valuable services that have been saving Americans thousands of dollars per year. Living Trusts USA provides families information to access the finest collection of discount plans, along with very experienced plan attorneys and financial services professionals.


At Living Trusts USA, we’ve researched and found programs that are comprehensive, complete and offer more flexibility at a better price than any others.  Take advantage of the tremendous services and savings available for both you and your family!